Considering a solar lease for your land

Content published in Illinois Farmer Today

Across Illinois, landowners are hearing from solar companies that would like to lease their land for a solar project. Deciding whether or not solar is right for you and which company to work with are important decisions. Trajectory Energy Partners is an Illinois-based solar development company that has worked with farm families throughout Illinois. Solar projects and the revenue they generate are helping landowners diversify their income and bringing jobs and other benefits to communities.

The development process
When a landowner is interested in a solar lease, Trajectory meets with them in person to visit the land and walk through the process. The first step is finalizing a lease for your land. A solar lease outlines where the solar project will be located, how the land will be restored after the project is done, and other important topics such as property taxes and crop compensation.

Once a lease is signed Trajectory then completes important work before construction can begin. This includes interconnection applications with the utility grid, further diligence studies on the land, and the zoning process. During this option period, the land continues to be farmed until the project is ready for construction.

Landowner Rob Rotering started working with Trajectory four years before construction began on his land. “Trajectory worked with our family farm to bring a solar project that brings us strong cash rents and a long-term solar asset for the community. The Trajectory team worked with state and local authorities and managed the entire process successfully from beginning to end. We could not be more pleased.”

If you are interested in seeing if your land would work for a solar project, reach out to the Trajectory Energy Partners team at or visit our website at

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