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Illinois Solar for All Community Solar

Trajectory is partnering with Nexamp, the long-term owner and operator of the community solar projects we are subscribing residents in the Ameren territory.

If you can’t put solar panels on your home, or you simply want to support new renewable power in Illinois with no upfront investment, Illinois residents who receive an Ameren electric bill are now able to join a local community solar project. By subscribing to a community solar project, you are helping support the development of new solar energy generation in Illinois.



What does it means for you?



To sign up, you will need to provide two things:

  • A copy of your utility bill. This will be used to analyze your monthly electricity usage and determine the amount of solar energy you need to achieve the 50% savings on your energy supply.
  • Verification of your household income. This can be accomplished through several options.


Upcoming Webinars

The City of Urbana: Click here to register for one of the dates below
  • October 26 at 6pm
  • October 28 at 12pm


Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) programs make solar energy programs available to low-income communities in Illinois. The Illinois Solar For All program is administered by Elevate Energy on behalf of the Illinois Power Agency, an independent state government agency.


Learn more about the Illinois Solar for All program:



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to enroll?

You are eligible to subscribe to the Urbana Community Solar project if you pay an Ameren electric bill and if you either (a) live in a HUD qualified census tract and provide an income affidavit, (b) participate in a third-party qualifying program such as LIHEAP, Medicaid or SNAP, or (c) provide a tax transcript that shows your household earns less than the maximum income level.

How is my solar allocation determined?

As part of the subscription process, you will provide your latest Ameren bill so that we can analyze your monthly electricity usage. We use this information to allocate a share of the solar farm that should earn you enough credits to offset nearly all of your annual electricity supply charges.

Am I guaranteed a discount for a specified period of time?

You are guaranteed the same 50% discount on your credits for 15 years. However, you may cancel your contract at any time without penalty. It may take up to 90 days for the cancellation to go into effect.

Is there a penalty for canceling my subscription?

No. There are no penalties or termination fees. Should you choose to leave the program, itm ay take up to 90 days for the cancellation to go into effect.

Do I get two bills?

Yes. Nexamp (the company that owns the Urbana Solar project) will send you a monthly bill for your share of the solar farm, and you’ll continue to receive your regular electricity bill, minus your earned credits. You can sign up for automatic bill pay, which can eliminate any extra work.

Does this mean I no longer receive power from my local utility?

No. Your power will still be delivered to your home by the same utility company, Ameren; Nexamp will just feed energy into the Ameren utility grid. If there’s ever a problem or outage, you’ll get the exact same service from the exact same people at Ameren.

Do I have to switch my energy supplier?

If you are purchasing power through a municipal or county aggregation program, a third-party electricity supplier, or alternative retail electric supply, you will have to opt out of these programs before your community solar farm completes construction and is turned on. We can help you communicate with Ameren to opt out of the 3rd party supplier and return to Ameren’s default service. This will maximize the value of your community solar subscription and ensure your 50% discount.

The income guidelines for the Ameren area are:


A list of other counties can be found here.