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Solar for Cooperatives

Community Solar for Rural Electric Cooperatives.

We partner with co-ops to provide:
    Energy Cost Savings and Affordability

    1. Lower Energy Costs: Under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure, Trajectory Energy Partners, as developer/owner of the solar project, will work to monetize any applicable federal investment tax credit and/or state incentives and pass the value along to the co-op in the form of lower electricity prices.
    2. Price Stability: Under a PPA, the co-op pays a fixed annual rate for solar generation, providing price stability for such co-op and its members.
    3. Energy Storage: Trajectory Energy Partners can work with co-ops to provide energy storage options, including to manage peak loads and energy costs.
    Local Support and Member Engagement

    1. All Solar is Local: The Trajectory Energy Partners team grew up in farming communities and understand what it means to put members first. That’s why we’ve invested so much of our own energy into understanding the needs of each individual co-op and the local communities that you serve and building relationships focused on quality, trust and understanding.  Our current focus on a small number of key states (including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) allows us not only to tailor our approach to your needs, but it also allows us to specialize in providing a deeper understanding of the regulatory framework faced by co-ops in these states.
    2. Effective Communications: From town halls to open houses, we will work together with co-ops to reach out to neighbors and answer questions early in the development of your project. Trajectory Energy Partners will also work behind the scenes with co-op staff, providing concepts, formats and help with logistics so the co-op is well positioned to receive all of the positive benefits (PR and otherwise) that come with a local solar project.
    3. Member Engagement: We help you build excitement with your members, emphasizing the innovation, progress and economic development your co-op brings to the community by going solar. This is particularly important for engaging the next generation of co-op members who value renewable energy and want to know what their co-op is doing for them now and in the future.

    1. Ag-Friendly Clean Energy:  Trajectory Energy Partners works with co-ops to assess project site locations in your service area that not only maximize the efficiency of your solar project, but also make use of land that is ill-suited for farming or other purposes.
    2. Landscape-Integrated Design:  Siting and ground-cover choices can bolster adjacent farm production and restore soil quality for future use.

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