Solar in Illinois

In December 2016, the Illinois Legislature passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, putting Illinois on the path to a clean energy future.

This new law creates opportunities for land owners, homeowners, businesses, local governments, and community organizations to install solar on their own property or be part of a community solar project.

Trajectory Energy Partners works with organizations and communities to find the right solar option for them and builds solar projects with strong community support, integrated into the local landscape. We work closely with land owners and community organizations to:

  • Identify potential locations for rooftop solar and community solar projects.
  • Recruit local families, businesses, and organizations who want to be first in line to be part of a community solar project.
  • Build support for projects in the community.


Who can go solar? You can.

To make these projects a reality, we are looking for community partners in every part of Illinois.


Community Organizations

We work with local organizations to bring solar to their communities and further engage with environmental sustainability.


Land Owners

We work with all types of land owners from individuals to schools to churches to community groups to find the right locations for local solar projects – either for their own use, or to host a community solar project.


Community Solar Subscribers

Families, businesses, and local governments can be subscribers to a community solar project, sharing in electricity savings and supporting solar in Illinois.


We offer two ways to go solar:

Behind the Meter

A business or organization can install solar that directly powers their home or building. Extra energy produced by their solar array is credited to them through net-metering. This is called a “behind the meter” solar installation.


Community Solar

Community solar opens up access to homeowners, businesses, and organizations that can’t install solar on their roof or property. They can participate in a nearby community solar project and be credited for the energy produced by their share of the solar installation.


Who makes a solar project work? You do.

To make these projects a reality, we are looking for community partners in every part of Illinois. If you are ready to go solar, or want to learn how to get started, reach out at