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Illinois Solar for All

The Illinois Solar for All program is a state-wide initiative aimed at increasing energy bill savings for qualified residents through solar projects within environmental justice areas and low-income census tracts, ensuring that the energy bill savings of solar energy projects are accessible to all.

This program is overseen by the Illinois Power Agency through program administrator Elevate Energy.

Low-Income Community Solar

The Community Solar program provides access to the benefits of solar energy without installing panels on-site to income-eligible households. Homeowners and renters that meet specific income requirements are eligible for Solar for All savings.

Program Details

Residents that meet income requirements of 80% or less Area Median Income (AMI) are eligible.
Income-Eligibility Lookup
No upfront costs
Ongoing costs or fees to the participant will not exceed 50% of the value of energy produced


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ILSFA Projects

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Illinois Solar for All

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