The Process – Trajectory Energy Partners

The Process

Our team can tell a lot about the suitability of your land by looking online. Send us info on your parcel and we can take a look at online data bases to answer key questions about the site. “Let’s meet”

If your land has potential for solar, Trajectory Energy Partners will find a time to talk through the process, and learn more about your site. A typical initial discussion will take 1-2 hours. Here’s what we are looking for on your land: “Would your land work for solar?”

If your land passes the initial screen, we’ll work with you to finalize an option for a site lease. Solar leases are typically up to 35 years. We’ll pay you an option payment each year while we are conducting site diligence, and an annual per acre rent payment once construction is started.

During the option period, we will work with your local utility to study the feasibility of interconnecting to the local electric grid, one of the key factors for a successful solar project.

During the option period, we will work with local officials to apply for the permits necessary for the project. Trajectory Energy Partners will work with you to make sure the project is introduced to the community the right way. We will reach out to local neighbors, talk to local elected officials, and make sure the community understands the benefits the project will bring.

During the option period, we will do additional work on the site to make sure it is suitable for a solar projects. This typically includes an ALTA survey, some geotechnical work and, if applicable, wetlands delineation.