Trajectory Energy Partners proposes solar farm in Meadows Park

Trajectory Energy Partners is leasing 24 acres from the Dixon Park District to build a 5 megawatt solar farm in Meadows Park.

by Rachel Rodgers, for Sauk Valley Media

Trajectory Energy Partners is leasing land from the Dixon Park District to build a solar farm in Meadows Park.

The company is looking to develop a 5 megawatt community solar farm on 24 acres in the Meadows near the dog park that’s currently leased for farming.

Trajectory managing partner Jon Carson presented project details to the Dixon City Council earlier this week and is petitioning the county for a special use permit for the solar farm under Meadow Solar LLC.

Lee County has a moratorium on solar and wind developments while a committee reviews and makes changes to the ordinances regulating such projects, but it doesn’t include smaller, community solar projects like the one proposed in the Meadows.

The land isn’t in city limits, but the council can submit comments to the Lee County Zoning Board in favor of or against the project.

Carson said it will be leasing the land from the Park District at $1,500 an acre per year as well as a one-time payment of $150,000 once it’s completed. Annual property taxes will total about $17,000.

It will be surrounded by a 7-foot-tall fence, and the tree line will help provide a visual buffer, Carson said.

“It really will fit in nicely with the landscape,” Carson said.

The life of the project would span up to 35 years, and it would generate discounted energy to around 500 to 600 residents and businesses, he said.

If approved, Carson said Trajectory would apply in December for state renewable energy credits and find out if it is accepted in the spring. If that works out, the earliest work would start is late 2023.

The Zoning Board will discuss the project at its Sept. 1 meeting and make a recommendation to the Lee County Board for a final vote.