Community Solar for Wilmette & Beyond

With the passing of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), Illinois committed to increase the amount of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, to 25 percent of ComEd’s and Ameren’s power by 2025. As Illinois shifts toward a greater share of renewable power generation, community solar offers a meaningful way for residents to support renewable energy and help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

If you can’t put solar panels on your home, or you simply want to support 100% renewable power with no upfront investment, Wilmette residents (and anyone who gets a ComEd electric bill) are now able to join a local community solar project.



Trajectory Energy Partners is teaming up with Go Green Wilmette, a community-based organization in Wilmette with a mission to raise environmental awareness, inspire people to take action, and create a more sustainable community.

Trajectory Energy Partners is doing the groundwork on this project, subscribing residents who live in and around Wilmette.

Clearway is the long-term owner and operator of the project with a mission to increase renewable energy via solar and wind energy; they are one of the largest renewables companies in the nation. They are the country’s largest community solar developer, working mostly in five states building over 300MW of capacity. They are not a Retail Energy Supplier or a utility.

With Clearway’s community solar farms come local jobs for the building and ongoing maintenance of every farm, year-round. For subscribers, there is not only significant environmental impact, but savings impact for customers on their default supply rate with ComEd. Clearway offers a program that gives customers an opportunity to reduce electricity costs and interact differently with their energy program – there are no gimmicks, teaser rates, or green power premiums, and this is how Clearway differs from Retail Electric Suppliers (RES).

Benefits of Community Solar
  • $0 down, no upfront costs
  • Guaranteed savings
  • You don’t pay until the solar farm is placed in service and generating credits for your utility bill
  • Unlike RES’s, Clearway is giving Illinois residents a guaranteed savings for folks on the default supply (this guarantee will benefit most of ComEd’s customers)

By subscribing, you are helping put more solar – a 100% renewable power source – on the grid.  Every customer who subscribes to community solar is contributing to the increase of solar power onto the grid. As the state’s energy grid fills up with more solar, the demand for fossil fuels will decrease.

How Does It Work?




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