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Would your land work for solar

Trajectory Energy Partners can help you determine if leasing your land for a solar farm is an option. Here’s what we are looking for:

SIZE AND SHAPEParcels as small as 30 acres can work for a community solar project, and the largest systems need over 100 acres. Trajectory Energy Partners works with each landowner to make sure the site for the solar project leaves room for accessing any part of the parcel still being farmed and makes sure the project integrates into the local landscape.

SLOPESolar can be on land with a slope as long as it isn’t north facing. An even slope is better than rolling terrain, which makes it harder to build a system. Trajectory Energy Partners can easily measure the slope on site when visiting your parcel or take measurements from an online land database.

ELECTRIC GRIDSolar projects connect to the electric grid and need to be near electric lines large enough to transport the solar energy. Specifically, solar projects need access to 3-phase electric lines that are within a couple miles of a substation. Trajectory Energy Partners can determine if the electric lines near your land are large enough to connect a project to.

ROAD ACCESSWe need to be able to access the parcel from local roads. We will install an access road to reach the project from the main road and work with you to make sure the location of the access road works for your continued farming operations on the rest of your land.

LENGTH OF LEASEOur solar leases are up to 35 years, and at the end of the lease the project will be decommissioned and may return to its original use. Only a landowner can decide if solar is the best use for your land for the next 35 years, Trajectory Energy Partners can help you evaluate your options.

AVOIDING WETLANDS AND FLOOD PLAINSSolar systems should be sited outside of flood plains or wetlands.  Trajectory Energy Partners can determine from field visits and online data if there are any floodplains or wetlands that would prevent a site from being suitable for a solar project.