Zoning a Solar Project

Content published in Illinois Farmer Today

An important step in working with a solar developer for a community solar or utility scale solar project on your land is going through the zoning process in your county.  Trajectory Energy Partners works closely with the landowners we lease land from to make this process a smooth one. 

Special Use Permit Process
Most counties in Illinois require solar projects to receive a special use permit, which is permission to build the solar project in a specific area.  Trajectory works closely with county officials to make sure our applications meet all the requirements.  This usually involves completing a site design, decommissioning plan, weed and grass control plan, and other aspects of how the system will be constructed and maintained.

Outreach to neighbors
Most counties send an official notice to neighbors of a proposed solar project to all neighboring landowners.  Before these official notices goes out, Trajectory meets with local elected officials and reaches out to neighbors of the project to give them information on the proposal. 

Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing

The final step in receiving a Special Use Permit for a solar project is going through the official Zoning Board of Appeals hearing and County Board meetings.  Trajectory takes care of all preparation for these hearings and does all of the presenting, while keeping the landowners we are working with closely updated.  Some landowners attend these sessions, but it is not required.

Trajectory has successfully zoned over 45 projects in Illinois, and never lost a zoning case.  If you are interested in seeing if your land would work for a solar project, reach out to the Trajectory Energy Partners team by calling (309) 839-4985, emailing info@trajectoryenergy.com, or visiting our website at www.trajectoryenergy.com.