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Abby Witt Lowitzki

Abby Witt Lowitzki

Director of External Affairs

Abby brings nearly two decades of policy, government affairs, and organizing experience to Trajectory Energy Partners in her role as Director of External Affairs.

An Illinois native, Abby grew up seeing the unique benefits and challenges of such a diverse geography, and the role that good public policy can play in every community. Moving east to attend American University for her undergraduate degree, Abby then spent time in New Hampshire, Montana, and Pennsylvania seeing how this plays out in rural and urban areas across the country, but she has always been most passionate about making a difference at home.

Abby has worked in leadership roles at the federal, state, and local level in government and advocacy all with the same mission: to move big ideas from vision to reality. At Trajectory, she will continue that work as she focuses on our community solar portfolio, from the permitting of individual projects, to telling Trajectory’s story, to navigating the public policy that guides the impact of community solar programs for Illinois and nationwide.

Abby is excited to transition into renewables and about the promise of community solar as a driver for both a clean energy future and an economic equalizer for those communities facing perennial underinvestment.

An Illinois native, Abby resides in Crystal Lake with her husband, two step-teenagers, and dog Milo.

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