Dixon Council Learns Details of Solar Energy Project on Park District Land

by Tim Lee, for NRG Media Dixon, image courtesy of NRG Media Dixon

A while back, the Dixon Park District went into an agreement with the company, Trajectory Energy Partners to lease 24 acres of land in the meadows for the solar field.

During the Dixon City Council meeting, Building Inspector Tim Shipman spoke to the council about a special use permit the county will be voting on for this project. Currently, the land is in the county, but the city plans to annex the land into the city.

Because of this, the city needed to be made aware of the details of the project. Representative from Trajectory Energy Partners, John Carson spoke to the council about the deal. He said the plan is to bring utility bill savings to subscribers to the tune of a $100,000 a year.

Carson said this project is different from the much larger solar farm projects that could come to Lee County. He said this is only 24 acres and it is what is called a Community Project. This means the energy is for the Lee County Area and provides savings for local subscribers. The life expectancy for the solar farm is 25-35 years.