Our Story

Trajectory brings communities, organizations, and landowners together to develop quality solar projects that contribute to local economic growth and a sustainable energy future.

Trajectory Energy Partners was founded in 2017 by Jon Carson, David Lipowicz, Megan Strand, Josh Bushisnky, and James Svenstrup, who have deep experience in the legal, financial, and development aspects of solar, along with backgrounds in agriculture and community engagement.

The vision of our co-founders was to create a solar development company that was the best in class at community engagement, developing excellent projects that deliver for landowners and the communities we work in.  

We launched our first solar development project in Rockford, IL, making that vision a reality. Originally established in Illinois, we are expanding our solar projects to the mid-Atlantic, focusing on Maryland and Pennsylvania while continuing to grow in Illinois.

We are proud to have built a team that successfully works with communities to create high-quality projects that deliver long-term benefits to landowners and community members.

Since 2017, we have grown to:

38 Members

on the Trajectory Team

$350+ Million

Investments Across 20 Projects Completed or Under Construction through 2023

80+ Sites

Under Development for 2024 and Beyond

Our Approach

Developing solar projects is a decades-long commitment to our landowners and the communities we build in. We approach our work accordingly:

Understanding Communities

We believe that all solar is local. It’s important to us that the local community where a solar project is built feels included, heard, and strengthened. Whether walking the land with you to identify the best location, introducing the project to your neighbors, taking a project through the permitting process, or constructing a project, we will be on the ground with you from the very beginning to understand the community we're building in.

Quality Matters

Our team is knowledgeable in the legal, financial, and development aspects of solar, with backgrounds in agriculture. We understand the needs of our landowners and will lead with respect, compassion, authenticity, and professionalism.

Building Trust

Our team understands that accountability and reliability are the foundation of trust. We take ownership of our actions and decisions, provide timely and transparent communication, and deliver on our work.

Local Investment

We pride ourselves on the benefits solar brings to their host communities, including creating local jobs, increasing property tax revenue, and utility bill discounts to local subscribers. Additionally, Trajectory supports local organizations, ensuring our projects have a broad and positive impact.

From identifying possible sites to operating an energized solar array, we take solar projects through each development stage efficiently, keeping our commitments, and creating projects that will generate consistent income, strengthen communities, and protect land for future generations.

Identify Project Location

We start on the ground with landowners to identify the best location for a potential project, taking into account how the surrounding land will be used. Through a series of evaluations, we’ll determine what is possible for the land and for the electrical grid. We know when a project will work and when it won’t, and we don’t waste time.

Engage The Community

Once a lease is signed, we’ll introduce the project to neighbors, community leaders, and elected officials to successfully permit the project in the county, city, or village.


Whether we own the project or transition it to another operator, we’ll work with landowners throughout the project’s lifecycle, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. We enjoy staying connected to the community – continuing to be a point of contact for the landowners and people we meet during project development.

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