Rockford Solar for All offers incentives, benefits to community

Rockford Solar for All offers incentives, benefits to community

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – On Tuesday Illinois State Senator Steve Stadelman joined Nexamp and its development partner Trajectory Energy Partners for a tour of Rockford Solar.

Rockford Solar is one of many Nexamp projects in Illinois. Located at 1166 N Horsman Street, the solar farm helps renewable energy expand to underserved communities in Illinois.

Trajectory Energy Partners founder and managing partner Jon Carson says, “Starting way back in 2017, we first worked with the city of Rockford, the alderwoman from this area, local groups like Sustain Rockford, to identify this as a great location for community solar. We put together an application with the state of Illinois to make this a Solar for All site.”

The project provides clean energy to the local grid and annual energy savings to area residents. The plant was once a landfill, but it now occupies 11 acres. Featuring roughly 6,600 solar panels, the project can produce 2.6 MW of clean solar energy for ComEd customers in the area. Rockford CS 1 utilizes a single-axis tracker system; panels follow the sun throughout the day for maximum sunlight capture and performance.

The Illinois Solar for All program is a national model and the state continues to move forward on important legislative issues such as project siting, energy storage and others. Illinois has been selected as a recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Solar for All grant.

Illinois received a $156 million grant from the EPA through the Illinois Finance Authority to expand existing low-income community solar projects, like Rockford Solar.

Source: WIFR

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