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Gary Lee

Gary Lee

Project Finance Analyst

Gary divided his early years between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. As a first generation American, he understands and appreciates the beauty of other perspectives and the diversity of the United States. Traveling east, he earned his B.S. in Environmental Science and B.A. in International Relations at Tufts University. He has lived in Chicago for the past three years and is grateful to call the friendly Midwesterners his neighbors and the Midwest his home.

Gary has spent his career doing financial modeling for multiple sectors including banking, restaurant, retail, and real estate. Looking for professional and personal fulfillment, he wanted to work in the intersection of finance and sustainability to promote clean energy. Gary enjoys working for Trajectory because of the tangible and impactful work they do as well as the values the company stands for.

In his free time, Gary enjoys aquarium keeping, cooking, and traveling to experience other cultures and foods.

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