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Mack Gapinski

Mack Gapinski

Project Development Manager

Mack grew up in a rural area of Middleton, just outside of Madison, WI and has always had a passion for both technology and sustainability. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Business with a double major in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Mack entered the solar industry in 2016, helping businesses, public sector entities, and landowners evaluate the implementation of solar for their operations. He has experience navigating local and state incentives, utility policy, solar system design, payback analysis, and system financing. Before joining Trajectory, Mack served as a national account manager for a Midwest based solar company, specializing in working with multi-site entities to formulate an optimal strategy for solar adoption.

He enjoys weightlifting, spending time outdoors, and consuming pumpkin flavored ice cream anytime it is available.

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