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Noah Morris

Noah Morris

Project Development Analyst

Growing up in New York, Noah always had a passion for the environment. He viewed the fight for a healthier planet as a unifying cause, and wanted to be on the frontlines of that fight. Noah channeled this passion when he studied for his B.S. at The Ohio State University. Majoring in Environmental Engineering, Noah learned the principles of sustainability, as well as the analytical and problem solving skills needed to implement engineering solutions in the real world. Noah’s role at Trajectory is his first full-time job after graduation and he is excited to implement the analytical skills he honed in during college towards a cause he cares about deeply. He is eager to learn the ins and outs of solar development, with the goal that this will pave the way for a long career in the industry.

Noah is a new resident of Chicago, so outside of work he loves to explore new neighborhoods, try new restaurants, and attend local farmers markets. He also enjoys traveling, watching a good movie, and binging a good show.

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