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Hopewell Solar

Our collaboration with Hopewell’s landowner demonstrated that installing solar arrays on your land doesn’t mean you need to stop farming it.

Hopewell Solar

Marshall County, Illinois

Project Size:



Energized in 2023


Summit Ridge Energy

Project Type:

Community Solar

The landowner for Hopewell Solar sought to introduce solar power onto their land while continuing to farm it. The Trajectory team created a design that confined the solar arrays to the hardest-to-farm parts of their plot, leaving a big rectangle of arable land for farming. The result was a minimal impact on farming operations while creating a new income stream from the solar project lease.

We worked closely with the landowner to engage the community, sitting down with neighbors and local officials to build support for the project. Within one year, the project was zoned. Construction by local union workers began in 2022, and the project was energized in 2023.

The Trajectory team made the solar development process smooth and easy to navigate from start to finish. They have been great people to work with.

Dick Rupiper, Landowner

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