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Jubilee Solar

In collaboration with a local school district, this project is set to transform 12 acres of school-owned land into a solar array producing 2MW of clean, affordable energy.

Jubilee Solar

Brimfield, Illinois

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In Construction



Project Type:

Community Solar for Schools

In the town of Brimfield, Illinois, an exciting community solar project emerged from the collaboration between Trajectory and Brimfield CUSD 309. In 2022, plans were set in motion to transform 12 acres of school-owned land into a 2MW solar array that will provide clean, affordable energy to Brimfield residents.

Once the project is energized, the school district will receive a variety of benefits. Including, a 20% savings on their utility bills, property tax revenues, and annual rent payments, all totaling over $30,000 in savings and revenue each year for the school. These investments will enhance the district’s financial stability, with a significant portion going toward the school’s enrichment programs.

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