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Meadow Solar

A public park sees the potential for solar energy to support its programs and take ownership of its own energy future.

Meadow Solar

Dixon, Illinois

Project Size:



In Development


Trajectory Energy Partners

Project Type:

Community-Driven Community Solar

In 2018, Dixon Park District's Executive Director, Duane Long, shared a vision with his community - for Dixon to be the very first Park District in Illinois powered by 100% solar energy on its own land.

In 2022, Meadow Solar was one of the winning applications for the Illinois Community-Driven Community Solar (CDCS) program, bringing this vision one step closer to reality. The CDCS program issues Renewable Energy Credit (REC) awards to projects that “are intended to provide a more direct and tangible connection and benefits to the communities in which they operate,” beyond utility bill savings and lease income.

Once energized, the Dixon Park District will receive a substantial community benefit payment, which, along with the revenue and utility bill savings, will continue to support the Park District’s vision of increasing and maintaining access to youth programming. Dixon Park District has worked hand in hand with the community to drive this vision, with Trajectory's help and support from community members and other local governments. The Park District Board and Staff decided on every aspect of the project's location and layout, and will be closely involved with the project's operation.

Trajectory did everything they could to make Meadow Solar successful, including passing a bill in Springfield. As the Executive Director of Dixon Park District, I’m happy to have partnered with a company that does what it says and will help deliver for my local community.

Duane Long, Executive Director at Dixon Park District

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