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Mulberry Solar

A post-industrial steel company town discovers savings for its low-income residents through community solar.

Mulberry Solar

Granite City, Illinois

Project Size:



Energized in December 2023



Project Type:

Illinois Solar for All (Community Solar)

In 2020, the people at the Tri-City Columbus Home Association, affiliated with the Tri-City Knights of Columbus, were looking for ways to use their land to support their community while earning an income for their organization. Trajectory worked closely with them over the next year to evaluate their land, draw up a plan, and build support in the local community.

In 2022, we applied for and received a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) award from the Illinois Solar for All program. Which means Granite City’s low-income residents can subscribe to the project and save significantly on their utility bills.

In 2023, the project was constructed and energized by Illinois union workers.

I found working with the Trajectory Energy Partners and Jon Carson a very professional and enjoyable experience. Working over several months, every encounter was very well planned, all community presentations professional, and very well received by the local community audience. With the completion of our solar field project, it is a true benefit for our community.

Paul H. Hellrich

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