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Poplar Grove Solar

Working closely with local officials, Trajectory helped revise a zoning ordinance to bring solar opportunities to a growing village. 

Poplar Grove Solar

Poplar Grove Village, Illinois

Project Size:



Energized in 2024


Summit Ridge Energy

Project Type:

Community Solar

Every development requires due diligence on the land, getting to know landowners, and sitting down with neighbors. But, sometimes, the most crucial part of getting a project built is collaborating closely with local government officials.

In the Boone County village of Polar Grove, the landowner and the community wanted to develop community solar. However, the laws on the books only allowed for traditional residential solar panels on roofs. Trajectory's team, which has extensive legal experience, worked closely with officials to suggest and build support for an update to the local ordinance. This change would allow for a community solar project that residents could subscribe to and receive discounts on their utility bills. Part of the new ordinance was the requirement of fire training, which we led for the North Boone Fire Protection District.

The site, which features local pollinator-friendly ground cover to boost nearby agriculture, was constructed by union workers throughout 2022 and 2023 and was energized in 2024.

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