Rockford Solar

Trajectory Energy Partners is proud to be an Illinois Solar for All program Approved Vendor, working to bring solar to communities like Rockford.

Trajectory Energy Partners and The Rockford Solar for All Coalition are excited to work with Rockford residents on a low-income community solar project sited on the Horsman Quarry. 

The Rockford Solar for All Coalition.

The Coalition consists of Trajectory Energy Partners, community advocates, and organizations working together to bring community solar to the Rockford area. Through The Coalition, Trajectory hosts community meetings, and collaborates with non-profits, institutions, and advocates.  Key members include:

  • The City of Rockford
  • Alderwoman Ann Thompson-Kelly, 7th Ward
  • West Gateway Coalition
  • Northwest United Neighbors

The Site: The Horsman Quarry.  

Located within the 7th Ward, the Horsman Quarry is a filled quarry owned by the City of Rockford located within an Environmental Justice Community and Low-Income Census Tract. Unsuitable for other types of development, siting community solar on it allows it to bring multiple community benefits to the Rockford area.

What is Illinois Solar for All? 

The Illinois Solar for All program is a state-wide initiative, part of the Future Energy Jobs Act, aimed at increasing energy bill savings for qualified communities and non-profits / public facilities within environmental justice areas or low-income census tracts. This program is overseen by the Illinois Power Agency through program administrator Elevate Energy, in partnership with Grid Alternatives, AECOM, and Shelton Solutions Inc.

You can learn more about the Illinois Solar for All program here, and the Low-Income Community Solar program here.

Next steps:

Through The Rockford Solar for All Coalition, Trajectory will share updates and work with the community to educate them about opportunities to become involved with the project. If you have any questions, or are interested in participating, please reach out at

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