Trajectory Energy Partners Hosts Open House for Meadow Solar at Dixon Park District Facility

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Trajectory Energy Partners held an open house for Meadow Solar at the Dixon Park District Facility on October 26th, 2022 for community members to learn more about the 24-acre, five-megawatt community solar project.


Energy Company Hosts Open House at Dixon Park District Facility to Show How Community Solar Project Will Benefit Residents

Solar farms in and near communities in the Sauk Valley seem to be the new trend lately. For over a year, the Dixon Park District has worked with Trajectory Energy Partners to construct the Meadows Solar Farm. This is a community solar farm on 24-acres of farmland at the meadows.

Earlier this year, Trajectory held an open house for area residents of the solar farm to show what the farm would be like. Wednesday night, they held an open house at the District Facility building to give people information about how the solar project could benefit them.

John Carson, Managing Partner with Trajectory said after they get state approval in March or April, they would then have an open house to sign people up for the project. Carson further said while anyone can sign up, they would start with Dixon residents and then move out to other parts of the county.

Carson said they have gotten good support from the community and the county government for the project. He contributes this to being in the community and answering questions. He also pointed out the land being rented from the district will not interfere with walking trails or recreational areas since the land is currently being leased for farming.
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Dixon Park District hosts class on solar energy usage

The Lee County Board has approved a partnership between the Dixon Park District and Trajectory Energy Partners to develop a new solar system energy supply program. 

Trajectory Energy Partners hopes to introduce affordable solar energy to Lee County residents. 

The project is titled Meadow Solar.
Meadow Solar Farms will be 24 Acres of land dedicated to a community source of solar power.  

The purpose of the program is to allow for not only clean energy use, but to also cut down on electric cost.

According to John Carson, Managing Partner for Trajectory Energy, anyone who applies for the program will have their own rate based upon the amount of energy they need to be supplied.  

“The community can feel free to take a few dollars of their electric bill. The second district is income that will go towards operating cost and a bonus when it’s up and running,” said Carson.

There is no upfront cost for the program.
To apply and to find out more information about the program you can call the Dixon Park District for further details.
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